Addison Vali

2023 | CO: Highlands Ranch
818 |

Mat Henbest

Aug 17, 2021

I coached Addi during the HS soccer season from April-June 2021. Addi played the "6" for us and I can say I've never seen a better ball winner out of the air. As a target player on set pieces, as a defender on corner kicks and during the run of play, nobody wins the ball more than she does. Regarding her technique, she is an excellent player who is able to use both feet, and able to play both the short and long ball with proper touch. Addison reads the game well and recognizes opportunities to move forward from her holding position to take part in the attack. Addi scored several goals from outside the 18 causing her to be one of the most difficult players to defend in our league when she could get anywhere near the ball. Lastly, Addi is a wonderful teammate, a hard worker and shows good character. She will certainly thrive at the next level.

April Kater

Jul 29, 2021

Addi is an elite ball winner on set pieces and in the run of play. A key target on attacking set pieces, scoring multiple goals in two seasons. A difference maker on defending corners and breaking up service in the box, as well as 50/50 balls off of punts and goal kicks. A very clean player who is two-footed, serves a dangerous instep ball with accuracy and range. Embraces positional responsibilities very well, as a 6 understands helping with build up by being available as a 3rd center back or pulling higher to help break lines and switch the point of attack. Defensively occupies the right space at the right time, cutting off passing channels to opposing forwards while breaking up plays in the midfield. Good leader, hard worker and great teammate.

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