Katherine "Kit" Shiells

2022 | VA: Vienna
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I am a very driven, hardworking, and versatile player who plays a very technical and sharp, mental game. I will always give 110% effort both on and off the field.

I have played in the GA, ECNL, and DA leagues and am a very driven and relentless player. Whenever I am on the field I am always looking to penetrate and create with my technical ability and vision of the field. I am constantly moving, looking to get on the ball or open space by my movement for a teammate. Every day, I get extra touches dribbling, work on my first-touch with wall-ball, or juggle in my garage. My technical ability, versatility, and focused work ethic are what I believe differentiates me from other players.

I played in the ODP program for 9 years, starting in the Academy when I was 8 and then played-up on the 2002 ODP State team. I was selected for the 2003 State team for two international tours and was selected to attend the Region Camp my final year. ODP taught me independence and professionalism at a very young age, developed my understanding of the game, and taught me how to adapt both on and off the field to the different circumstances.

High School soccer has also had a significant impact on me as a player. I have been a starter on the Varsity team since the beginning of my freshman year. I earned WCAC All-Conference HM both my freshman and sophomore years, earned the Coachs Award my sophomore year, and was the lead goal-scorer for the team my sophomore year. As an underclassman, playing against older and stronger players made me focus on adapting my game to a more quick, technical, and tactical play.

As a student, I demonstrate focused work ethic, drive, creativity, and curiosity in the classroom as well as on the field. I have a 4.37 GPA and am very excited to be working on an independent research project on the bacterial-lifespan on turf fields! I also work as part of my schools Student Athletic Trainer program, lead our Special Olympics soccer team, am an editor for our school newspaper, and my class SCA Councilor.

I am known to be a very driven person, who always is smiling. I understand that playing soccer at the next level will be challenging and demanding, but I believe that I have the determination and passion to contribute to a collegiate program. I never back away from a challenge and always work to push myself outside my comfort-zone in the game that I love to

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Honors & Awards:
Bishop O’Connell Girls Varsity starter of all games (2018 freshman year),
2018 WCAC All-Conference Team HM (freshman year),
Starter and the team lead goal-scorer (2019 sophomore year),
2019 WCAC All-Conference Team HM (sophomore year),
2019 girls Varsity soccer Coach’s Award Recipient (sophomore)
Academy ODP (now known as D-ODP) (2011-2014),
VA 2002 ODP District & Guest Player for VA 2002 State Pool (2014-2015),
VA 2003 ODP District & VA State Player (2015-2020) for all events,
VA 2003 ODP International Trip in Germany (2017) & the VA 2003 ODP International Trip in Holland (2019),
invited by Region I coaches request to training camp (2020)
Links to Press:
Other HS Sports Played:
O'Connell Varsity Lacrosse (freshman & sophomore years)
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Relevant Soccer Accolades:
Other Coach References: Tom Torres, 703-624-6167 ttores@washspirit.com Ann Germain, 202-309-0424 anngermain@ccl-eng.com experience playing in ECNL and DA competition
Coach Contacts
High School:
Bishop O'Connell High School
Alberto Starace
Team Name:
O'Connell Girls Varsity Soccer
Jersey Number:
Club Name:
Metro United Soccer
Izzy Cotto
Team Name:
Metro United 04/03
Jersey Number:

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GPA (unweighted):
97-100; 4.0; A+
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For a full evaluation of Katherine "Kit"'s abilities, athleticism and academics, please contact Izzy Cotto, GU19 Head Coach and Director of College Placement for Metro United at either 631-252-4914 or icotto@metroutd.org. Thank you!

Ismael Cotto

Jul 7, 2020

Please contact Director of College Placement and GU19 Head Coach, Izzy Cotto, directly for an endorsement. Izzy Cotto - 631-252-4914

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