Yoshiko Slater

2021 | MD: Laurel
682 |

For a full evaluation of Yoshiko's abilities, athleticism and academics, please contact Izzy Cotto, GU19 Head Coach and Director of College Placement for Metro United at either 631-252-4914 or icotto@metroutd.org. Thank you!

Rachel Campanaro

Jul 13, 2020

Yoshiko is an amazing leader, very coachable and a fantastic teammate. Not only does she have great size, speed and physicality, she makes smart decisions and is very technical. Her attitude and work ethic is contagious. A true Impact player.

Bill Pizzano

Jul 13, 2020

Yoshiko was hand picked to train/learn defensive positions because she has a high soccer IQ, is very disciplined, good size and speed. She has good technical skills and transitions well with accurate passes. She is best at #4 or #5 but is willing and able to play anywhere.

Ismael Cotto

Jul 6, 2020

Please contact Director of College Placement and GU19 Head Coach, Izzy Cotto, directly for an endorsement. Izzy Cotto - 631-252-4914

Sutherlanda Say

Jul 3, 2020

yoshiko - high soccer IQ - very coachable - good leadership skills - very reliable - very consistence - very respectful to coaches & teammates - good technical skills - goal oriented - good role model - take direction well - great attitude - hard worker - good student athlete.

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