Metro United 03/02

Reston, Virginia
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Ahriel Young
#44: Fwd, Def
MD: Waldorf
5'2" '21
135 A-
Im very coachable, strong minded, high soccer iq, and very determined  
Allie Jones
#07: Def
VA: Leesburg
5'9" '22
145 B+
I'm a very coachable player with a strong soccer IQ- disciplined, determined, and aggressive.  
Arianna Hawkins
#00: Def
MD: Waldorf
5'4" '21
140 A+
A aggressive disciplined team player with good game awareness whos very coachable.  
Ashley Catalano
#05: Mid, Def
VA: Stephens City
5'4" '21
140 A
Motivated, Driven, Competitive, Team Player, Aggressive, Coachable, Disciplined, Versitile, and Goal Oriented  
Avery Nassetta
#17: Mid
VA: Arlington
5'7" '22
140 A-
Multi - athlete Great awareness and field vision, calm under pressure, good soccer IQ, adjusts on the fly, versatility.  
Brianna Kenealy
#26: Fwd, Def
VA: Arlington
5'8" '21
Committed, sociable, good vision of the field and spatial awareness, coachable, outgoing, and hard working.  
Danielle Grieco
#02: Def
VA: Great Falls
5'7" '21
125 A
I am aggressive on the field, technically sound, always trying to improve my game, and ultimately value having a strong relationship with my teammates and coach that promotes mutual growth.  
Ellie Deshano
#13: Fwd, Mid
MD: Silver Spring
5'1" '21
120 A-
Determined, will chase down any ball. I am passionate and want to take my play to the next level.  
Ellie Stokes
#09: Fwd, Mid
MD: Waldorf
5'6" '22
130 A+
Coachable, team first player (selfless), calm under pressure, good field vision, sender of great balls, scorer of clutch goals.  
Emma Cordero
#12: Mid, Def
VA: Bristow
5'3" '22
115 A+
Versatile leader with strong communication and resilience; hard working with a good soccer IQ. I am a game changer in which I keep the team organized, connected, and focused.  
Erin Hopewell
#03: Def
VA: Annandale
5'3" '22
118 A
game winning mindset, aggressive, determined, fearless, leader, coachable, technical, hardworking, multi-sport athlete  
Hannah Taylor
#10: Fwd, Mid
VA: Stafford
5'4" '22
130 A-
Coachable, dedicated and hard working  
Isabella Thissell
#22: Fwd, Mid
VA: Ashburn
5'4" '22
120 A+
Katherin Parris
#18: Fwd, Mid
MD: Sandy Spring
5'7" '21
140 B
Hardworking, coachable, selfless team player always looking to make an impact, playing multiple positions for the betterment of the team, enjoy helping others succeed around me. Multi-sport athlete as well.  
Katherine "Kit" Shiells
#06: Mid
VA: Vienna
5'4" '22
115 A+
I am a very driven, hardworking, and versatile player who plays a very technical and sharp, mental game. I will always give 110% effort both on and off the field.  
Madalynn Za
#04: Mid, Def
VA: Fairfax
5'9" '22
145 A
Strong, athletic competitive player; motivated to work hard and persevere in order to achieve my goals!  
Mary Za
#16: Fwd, Mid
VA: Fairfax
5'7" '22
140 A
I willingly step into any position-from attacking & driving to defensive positions. I never leave the field without putting all my heart into the game  
Nora Metcalf
#19: Mid
VA: Herndon
5'3" '22
125 A
Great technical ability, strong understanding of tactical aspects of the game, utilizes both left and right feet, hardworking, coachable, determined, passionate, and supportive of my teammates.  
Paola Quiroga
#11: Mid
VA: Mclean
5'2" '22
110 A
Determined, coachable, passionate, great field awareness, and aggressive.  
Reese Burch
#21: Fwd, Def
VA: Gainesville
5'10" '22
148 A-
First video on my profile is always my most recent game highlights. Today's first film are games from October 4 and 11, 2020  
Sophia Tesfai
#00: Mid, Def
VA: Great Falls
5'4" '21
118 A-
strong game awareness, disciplined, coachable, level headed, and aggressive athlete  
Sophie Saunders
#14: Fwd, Mid
VA: Roanoke
5'2" '22
115 A+
Exceptional speed, technical footwork, puts high press on back line, competitive and dedicated, team first player  
Susan Shobeiri
#01: Goal
VA: Falls Church
5'6" '22
145 A+
Passionate, coachable, team oriented.  
Yoshiko Slater
#80: Def
MD: Laurel
5'7" '21
My commitment to my team, coaches, and the game, has motivated me to improve every aspect of my play. Every challenge is an opportunity I welcome with determination and discipline.  
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