Metro United 03/02

Reston, Virginia
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Ahriel Young
#44: Fwd, Def
MD: Brandywine
5'2" '21
135 A-
Im very aggressive, creative, and disciplined player. With a very high soccer IQ. Im able to adapt in any situation. Which makes me coachable and a team player  
Allie Jones
#07: Def
VA: Leesburg
5'9" '22
145 B+
I'm a very coachable player with a strong soccer IQ- disciplined, determined, and aggressive.  
Ashley Catalano
#05: Mid, Def
VA: Stephens City
5'4" '21
140 A
Motivated, Driven, Competitive, Team Player, Aggressive, Coachable, Disciplined, Versitile, and Goal Oriented  
Avery Nassetta
#17: Mid
VA: Arlington
5'7" '22
140 A-
Multi - athlete, Great awareness and Field vision, Calm under pressure, Great soccer IQ, Adjusts on the fly, Versatile, Impact Player, 50/50 winner, Leader by example, Team player, Coachable, Good listener.  
Brianna Kenealy
#26: Fwd, Def
VA: Arlington
5'8" '21
150 A-
Committed, sociable, good vision of the field and spatial awareness, coachable, outgoing, and hard working. Positive and encouraging, while pushing myself and my teammates.  
Ellie Stokes
#09: Fwd, Mid
MD: Waldorf
5'6" '22
130 A+
Team player who works hard on the field and in school. Being fast, technical, and creative in the attack combined with a desire to score makes me a dangerous player.  
Emma Cordero
#12: Mid, Def
VA: Bristow
5'3" '22
120 A+
I am a versatile leader with strong communication and resilience; hard working with a good soccer IQ. I am a game changer because I keep the team organized and connected.  
Enya Moncayo
#00: Mid, Def
VA: Potomac Falls
5'5" '21
Aggressive, tenacious, and team orientated player adaptable from defense to offensive positions.  
Erin Hopewell
#03: Def
VA: Annandale
5'3" '22
125 A
game winning mindset, aggressive, determined, fearless, leader, coachable, technical, hardworking, multi-sport athlete  
Hannah Taylor
#10: Fwd, Mid
VA: Stafford
5'4" '22
130 A-
Coachable, dedicated and hard working  
Isabella Dever
#27: Mid
MD: Hollywood
5'4" '22
125 A-
Strong play maker. Focused, positive player and teammate. Confident on the ball, willing to take on players with speed and purpose. Great field awareness.  
Isabella Thissell
#22: Fwd, Mid
VA: Ashburn
5'4" '22
122 A+
A creative playmaker who has the ability to quickly create attacking opportunities, as well as the ability to finish scoring opportunities. Technical player with exceptional field vision and soccer IQ. Quick, strong, determined, and competitive. Great teammate and very coachable. A smart player who makes an impact by not only the ability to score and assist, but also with the ability to win challenges, help the team connect, and get forward into the attacking third.  
Katherin Parris
#18: Fwd, Mid
MD: Laurel
5'8" '21
Hardworking, coachable, selfless team player always looking to make an impact, playing multiple positions for the betterment of the team, enjoy helping others succeed around me. Multi-sport athlete as well.  
Katherine "Kit" Shiells
#06: Mid
VA: Vienna
5'4" '22
115 A+
I am a very driven, hardworking, and versatile player who plays a very technical and sharp, mental game. I will always give 110% effort both on and off the field.  
Madalynn Za
#04: Mid, Def
VA: Fairfax
5'9" '22
145 A
Strong, athletic, competitive player; motivated to work hard and persevere in order to achieve my goals!  
Mary (Marylynn) Za
#16: Fwd, Mid
VA: Fairfax
5'7" '22
140 A
I willingly step into any position-from attacking & driving to defensive positions. I never leave the field without putting all my heart into the game  
Nora Metcalf
#19: Mid
VA: Herndon
5'4" '22
125 A
Great technical ability, strong understanding of tactical aspects of the game, utilizes both left and right feet, hardworking, coachable, determined, passionate, and supportive of my teammates.  
Paola Quiroga
#11: Fwd, Mid
VA: Mc Lean
5'2" '22
115 A
Determined, coachable, passionate, great field awareness, and aggressive.  
Reese Burch
#21: Fwd, Def
VA: Gainesville
5'10" '22
150 A-
***First film is my Fall 2020 highlights. The following film is chronological.***  
Sophie Saunders
#14: Fwd
VA: Roanoke
5'2" '22
115 A+
Exceptional speed, technical player, puts high press on back line, competitive, very dedicated, team first player  
Susan Shobeiri
#01: Goal
VA: Falls Church
5'6" '22
145 A+
Passionate, coachable, team oriented.  
Yoshiko Slater
#80: Def
MD: Laurel
5'7" '21
My commitment to my team, coaches, and the game, has motivated me to improve every aspect of my play. Every challenge is an opportunity I welcome with determination and discipline.  
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USDA Girls Winter Cup
Dec 9-14 '19
FL: Lakewood Ranch
Bethesda Premier Cup Girls 2019
Nov 15-17 '19
MD: Bethesda
EDP Fall Classic 2019 Girls
Nov 16-17 '19
NJ: West Windsor Township
USF Spring College ID Camp
Mar 10 '19
FL: Tampa
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