Metro United 04/03

Reston, Virginia
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Allie Jones
#7: Def
VA: Leesburg
5'9" '22
145 B+
I'm a very coachable player with a strong soccer IQ- disciplined, determined, and aggressive.  
Ana Sadler
#0: Goal
VA: Ashburn
5'6" '22
122 A+
My determination and passion drive me to compete at the highest level everyday. I'm coachable, resilient, and a strong leader - always eager to grow and help others improve.  
Avery Nassetta
#17: Mid
VA: Arlington
5'7" '22
135 A-
Multi - athlete, Great awareness and Field vision, Calm under pressure, Great soccer IQ, Adjusts on the fly, Versatile, Impact Player, 50/50 winner, Leader by example, Team player, Coachable, Good listener.  
Emma Cordero
#12: Mid, Def
VA: Bristow
5'3" '22
120 A+
I am a versatile leader with strong communication and resilience; hard working with a good soccer IQ. I am a game changer because I keep the team organized and connected.  
Erin Hopewell
#3: Def
VA: Annandale
5'3" '22
125 A
game winning mindset, aggressive, determined, fearless, leader, coachable, technical, hardworking, multi-sport athlete  
Hannah Taylor
#10: Fwd, Mid
VA: Stafford
5'4" '22
130 A-
Coachable, dedicated and hard working  
Hope Ku-Dipietro
#64: Mid, Def
VA: Oakton
5'7" '23
140 A-
I am very hard working on both on and off the field!  
Isabella Thissell
#22: Fwd, Mid
VA: Ashburn
5'4" '22
124 A+
A creative playmaker who has the ability to quickly create attacking opportunities, as well as the ability to finish scoring opportunities. Technical player with exceptional field vision and soccer IQ. Quick, strong, determined, and competitive. Great teammate and very coachable. A smart player who makes an impact by not only the ability to score and assist, but also with the ability to win challenges, help the team connect, and get forward into the attacking third.  
Katherine "Kit" Shiells
#6: Mid
VA: Vienna
5'4" '22
115 A+
I am a very driven, hardworking, and versatile player who plays a very technical and sharp, mental game. I will always give 110% effort both on and off the field.  
Leah Gutshall
#13: Def
VA: Sterling
5'7" '23
125 A
Quick and strong athlete, with good fitness and great game awareness. Team leader, likes working together to win. Exceptional passer. One of the fastest on the field.  
Lillian Keith
#29: Mid
VA: Arlington
5'4" '22
120 A+
Determined, team player with good vision, great first touch and control of the ball, playmaker with a high soccer IQ, coachable, fast decision maker  
Madalynn Za
#4: Mid, Def
VA: Fairfax
5'9" '22
145 A+
Strong, athletic, competitive player; motivated to work hard and persevere in order to achieve my goals!  
Mary (Marylynn) Za
#16: Fwd, Mid
VA: Fairfax
5'7" '22
140 A+
I willingly step into any position-from attacking & driving to defensive positions. I never leave the field without putting all my heart into the game.  
Nora Metcalf
#19: Mid
VA: Herndon
5'4" '22
125 A
Great technical ability, strong understanding of tactical aspects of the game, utilizes both left and right feet, hardworking, coachable, determined, passionate, and supportive of my teammates.  
Olivia Turner
#15: Mid, Def
VA: Fairfax
5'5" '23
145 A-
I am a well-rounded box-box midfielder, like Pierre-Emile Hjbjerg - https://youtu.be/mv846YuiqSo?t=99  
Oluoma Ekoh
#26: Def
VA: Gainesville
5'10" '22
155 A
A very composed and technical player, ability to deliver short and long passes from the back and win balls, visionary, high energy, team-spirited, athletic/fit, great speed/agility, instinctive, coachable, responsible, aggressive, and community service oriented.  
Reese Burch
#21: Fwd, Def
VA: Gainesville
5'10" '22
150 A-
***First film is highlights from my most recent game versus Ukrainian Nationals followed by highlights from my inter squad scrimmage. The rest of the film is in chronological order.***  
Reese Owens
#11: Fwd, Mid
MD: Gaithersburg
5'6" '22
125 A
Versatile, dynamic, strategic, team focused, quick decision maker, comfortable in both the midfield & forward positions.  
Riley Brodrick
#9: Fwd
VA: Lorton
5'8" '22
140 A-
Hard worker with positive attitude and thirst for learning. Strong soccer IQ.  
Susan Shobeiri
#1: Goal
VA: Falls Church
5'6" '22
145 A+
Passionate, coachable, team oriented.  
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Penn Fusion Girls Winter Showcase
Feb 19-21 '22
PA: Downingtown
GA Spring Showcase
Apr 28-May 3 '22
GA Florida Showcase
Apr 16-20 '21
CASL Girls College Showcase
Nov 19-21 '21
NC: Raleigh
Jefferson Cup Girls Showcase
Mar 19-21 '21
VA: Richmond
GA Summer Playoffs & Showcase
Jun 22-29 '22
Jefferson Cup Girls Showcase
Mar 25-27 '22
VA: Richmond
GA Summer Showcase
Jun 23-28 '21
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