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Reston, Virginia
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Addison Verdon
#8: Fwd, Mid
VA: Moseley
5'4" '23
130 A
coachable player, versatile on the field, uses both feet (although dominantly left footed), thrives in 1v1 and attacking situations  
Ava Grim
#19: Def
VA: Vienna
5'10" '23
Coachable, versatile, hard-working player with a determined attitude.  
Ava Mcneal
#16: Fwd, Def
VA: Vienna
5'8" '23
140 A-
Hi coaches! I am a dedicated player of 12 years who is looking to play at a collegiate level. I am a versatile player who can play multiple positions. Thankyou!  
Bella Aldave
#10: Fwd, Mid
VA: Fairfax
5'4" '23
A passionate, playmaker, team player with great knowledge of the game, and disciplined soccer player.  
Bella Ventimiglia
#11: Fwd, Mid
MD: Rockville
5'3" '23
Athletic, quick, driven, and versatile player with a competitive, positive attitude.  
Caroline Williams
#12: Fwd
MD: Bethesda
5'10" '23
140 A-
Positive-minded team player, multisport athlete, coachable, powerful, plays physically, and in combination with teammates.  
Elaine Zubkov
#7: Mid, Def
VA: Leesburg
5'7" '23
Determination, Never give up, team player, positive attitude, hard training and playing.  
Elissa Rogers
#47: Fwd, Def
VA: Woodbridge
5'6" '23
118 A+
I'm a devoted, determined, hardworking, and coachable player who always wants to improve.  
Gabrielle Stravinski
#14: Def
VA: Sterling
5'5" '23
140 A
Perseverance in sports and academics; impactful multi-sport athlete, coachable team player, versatile multi-position player as a forward and a durable center back.  
Hannah Lahey
#27: Fwd, Mid
DC: Washington
5'3" '24
Hardworking, athletic, committed, team player, coachable.  
Kasey Cannistraro
#0: Goal
VA: Oakton
5'7" '23
115 A-
I am coachable, hard working, determined, focused, and I am able to communicate well with others on the field.  
Lola Raphael
#24: Mid
VA: Alexandria
5'4" '23
125 NA
Creative, Hardworking, determined and capable athlete  
Madeline Cheatham
#6: Mid, Def
VA: Chester
5'9" '23
140 A+
Intelligent, mentally strong player with an arsenal behind her passing. Very disciplined and hardworking on and off the field.  
Mahlia Slaiby
#18: Def
VA: Gainesville
5'4" '23
124 A+
I am a team player, aggressive, coachable, hard-working, and I have a high soccer IQ and understanding. Off the field, I am involved with clubs/programs like Model UN and CFPA.  
Meghan Geary
#17: Mid, Def
MD: Rockville
5'4" '23
Coachable, great team player, high endurance, strong game awareness, high work rate, can play multiple positions, soccer and mid distance track athlete  
Natalie Gordon
#35: Mid, Def
DC: Wahington Dc
5'5" '24
115 A+
I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get the ball. I am constantly evaluating myself on and off the field.  
Samantha Gordon
#34: Fwd, Mid
DC: Washington, Dc
5'5" '24
120 A+
Coachable, team player, hard-working, aggressive with ambition and determination  
Sara Antley
#58: Fwd, Mid, Def
VA: Arlington
5'3" '23
Coachable, versatile player with a strong work ethic.  
Tasmine Nguyen
#5: Mid
VA: Chantilly
5'5" '24
Competitive, coachable, vocal, and physical. I try to play the best that I can and work hard with my teammates.  
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Jun 23-28 '21
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Apr 16-20 '21
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