Metro United 06

Reston, Virginia
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Alma Zhong
#13: Fwd, Mid
MD: Bethesda
5'2" '24
110 A+
Coachable, pass and shoots well with both feet, good technical skills and can pass out of pressure. Versatile, a hard worker, positive and supporting teammate on and off the field.  
Anna Zucconi
MD: Kensington
5'3" '24
As a high level defender in lacrosse as well, I have developed defensive awareness, learned to anticipate the opponents play, and make quick decisions. I am vocal on field leader.  
Charlotte Shebby
#14: Def
VA: Mc Lean
5'5" '24
120 A
Coachable, hard worker and leader on the field- determined, disciplined, and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Emma Casson
#63: Def
VA: Centreville
5'9" '24
145 A
Aggressive player, with quick game awareness, very vocal and strong on the field, Coachable multi-sport athlete  
Gisele Huang
#20: Fwd, Mid, Def
VA: Ashburn
5'3" '25
110 A
Hard working, coachable, committed, focused and disciplined. Selfless team player and determined mental attitude. Able to use both feet as dominate foot.  
Grace Zia
#16: Mid
DC: Washington
5'6" '25
Coachable, competitive, positive player who loves to train, dedicated on and off the pitch, team player and leader, good vision, strong game awareness  
Jenna Fuhrmann
#30: Fwd, Def
MD: Boyds
5'9" '24
135 A
I have good sportsmanship, listen to teammates and coaches, I am encouraging and willing to learn and help others.  
Lila Chesser
#21: Fwd, Def
DC: Washington
5'4" '24
Positionally versatile, a supportive teammate, and an ambitious student athlete.  
Lina Fawaz
#27: Fwd
DC: Washington
5'3" '24
115 A
I am a positive, coachable player, fast and athletic, a supportive teammate, and always looking for ways to improve.  
Mariella Busigo
#29: Fwd, Mid, Def
VA: Arlington
5'3" '24
I am a multifaceted player I engage every position to play top level soccer. In soccer I have the ability and the privilege to be creative, aggressive, collaborative and tactical.  
Mary “Molly” DeBrandt
#1: Goal
MD: Kensington
5'6" '24
130 A
Aggressive, hard-working, determined goalkeeper. Compassionate and encouraging on and off the field. Multi-sport athlete with high athleticism and a dedicated student.  
Maya Parker
#6: Mid, Def
VA: Centrevillie
5'7" '24
125 A-
I am versatile, coachable, focused, dedicated, can use both feet, good positional awareness, calm under pressure.  
Skylar Smith
#9: Fwd, Mid, Def
VA: Great Falls
5'5" '24
Coachable, athletic, determined, hard-working, disciplined, aggressive, multi-sport athlete.  
Sofia Nicewonger
#78: Goal
VA: Gainesville
5'4" '23
120 B+
I'm able to adapt to any playing style. I've competed in national competitions. I'm coachable and I have a strong understanding of other player's positions.  
Taylor Kelso
#2: Def
VA: Vienna
5'2" '24
Coachable, team player with strong game awareness - motivated to get better, and determined athlete.  
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GA Spring Showcase
Apr 28-May 3 '22
GA Summer Playoffs & Showcase
Jun 22-29 '22
CA: Oceanside
Penn Fusion Girls Winter Showcase
Feb 19-21 '22
PA: Downingtown
CASL Girls College Showcase
Nov 19-21 '21
NC: Raleigh
Jefferson Cup Girls Showcase
Mar 25-27 '22
VA: Richmond
GA Summer Showcase
Jun 23-28 '21
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