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Born in 2007
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Addi Lloyd
#33: Fwd, Mid, Def
CO: Castle Pines
5'9" '25
Coachable, team player with strong game awareness - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Ava Bell
#38: Def
CO: Parker
5'8" '24
I have been playing center back since 3rd grade.  
Bethany Bennett
#31: Mid
CO: Englewood
5'2" '25
115 A+
I am driven, determined, and a team player that loves the sport.  
Devon Patterson
#45: Mid
CO: Parkef
5'5" '25
I think something that makes me a special player is that I’m different and I think I play different that other players.  
Gianna Fiorelli
#44: Fwd, Mid
CO: Highlands Ranch
5'2" '25
108 A+
Team player who is coachable, always eager to learn, mentally tough and well-disciplined.  
Hazel Sarnow
#37: Mid
CO: Littleton
5'2" '25
I'm tenacious around the ball. The ball is mine  
Isabel Vaillant
#99: Goal
CO: Littleton
5'6" '25
125 A
Coachable, team player with strong game awareness - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Maile Starns
#28: Fwd
CO: Parker
5'4" '26
129 A
Tenacious, unselfish play-maker who loves to compete and puts the success of my team first. I'm a multi-sport athlete with big goals and a work ethic to match.  
Mya Mills
#35: Mid
CO: Castle Pines
5'0" '25
Passionate about the game, love to compete, hard working, and adaptable.  
Myla Blake
#26: Def
CO: Lone Tree
5'6" '26
I can play any position, dominant left and right foot, team player and coachable. Aggressive on and off the ball, great field awareness and not afraid to tackle.  
Noor Reslan
#36: Def
CO: Parker
5'5" '25
123 A+
Coachable, strong leader on and off the field, team player with high soccer IQ -- self-disciplined, determined, and always holding myself accountable on the field and in the classroom.  
Paisley Barela
#27: Fwd
CO: Denver
5'6" '25
130 B+
Hi I’m Paisley Barela I am a strong aggressive offensive player with a good work ethic and a coachable player. I’m also a multi-sport athlete  
Trevianna Barto
#32: Mid, Def
CO: Boulder
5'7" '24
125 A+
I'm a determined, coachable, team player. My biggest strength is my ability to read and connect the game.  
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ECNL Texas
Feb 26-28 '22
TX: Spring
ECNL Arizona - Spring
Apr 8-10 '22
AZ: Mesa
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