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Born in 2007
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Abby Ballek
#10: Fwd, Mid
CO: Timnath
5'5" '25
An extremely driven, talented, dynamic and versatile soccer player with strong game awareness who successfully demonstrates her leadership skills on and off the pitch.  
Bailey Pottratz
#5: Mid
CO: Timnath
5'6" '25
125 A+
Dedicated, hard-working, multi-sport student athlete Extremely coachable team player, high soccer IQ, extremely fit and technical player Self-motivated, desire to win, positive attitude Energetic, intelligent, driven and disciplined, focused on/off the field  
Celina Frenz
#13: Fwd, Mid
CO: Denver
5'2" '25
A coachable, disciplined, motivated, and creative attack-minded player that is technically strong with good spatial awareness and who is always looking for ways to improve.  
Emma Fassora
#4: Def
CO: Louisville
5'7" '25
A dedicated hard-worker with a high soccer IQ. Team player, versatile, athletic, and disciplined. Coachable leader with positive attitude.  
Emma Tovar
#16: Def
CO: Parker
5'2" '25
105 A+
Dependable and coachable defensive player with strong field awareness and soccer IQ.  
Jaya Dern
#7: Def
CO: Castle Rock
5'7" '26
Quick learner, physical, not afraid to try new things, and coachable.  
Jordan Hopkins
#11: Fwd
CO: Highlands Ranch
5'5" '25
Determined, coachable, hard-worker, great teammate, and very fast. I am successful at whatever I put my mind to.  
Kacey Harvey
#2: Fwd
CO: Highlands Ranch
5'4" '25
110 A
A Very strong, skilled, and quick team player that is coachable and determined. I am aggressive and hardworking on the field while still making smart decisions under pressure.  
Mason Borcherding
#21: Def
CO: Parker
5'11" '25
155 A-
I am an aggressive defender with a great vision of the field. I play multiple sports and feel that this helps with my play on the soccer field.  
Olivia Luttrell
#9: Fwd
CO: Centennial
5'4" '25
110 A+
Positive, team player, coachable with strong soccer IQ - strong, focused athlete and student chasing my dream.  
Raleigh Greason
#19: Fwd
CO: Arvada
5'6" '25
134 A
Coachable, team player with strong game awareness - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
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ECNL Texas
Feb 26-28 '22
TX: Spring
ECNL Arizona - Spring
Apr 8-10 '22
AZ: Mesa
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